Title drop: when a TV show, movie, or other media mentions its own title in a line of dialogue. How many and which ones do it? Use this very useful website to find out!

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The Queen's Gambit
First title drop:
Season 1, episode 1: "Openings" at 33'01"
Four Weddings and a Funeral
No title drops happen in this show
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
First title drop:
Song 6: "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" at 2'02"
Golden Hour
First title drop:
Song 12: "Golden Hour" at 0'37"
First title drop:
Song 2: "Hol' Up" at 0'46"
Almost title drops at:
Song 7: "seven" at 0'58"
First title drop at 2'27"
All Eyez on Me
First title drop:
Disc 2, Song 10: "All Eyez on Me ft. Big Syke" at 0'07"
Spring Breakers
First title drop at 36'14"
Central Park
First title drop:
Season 1, episode 1: "Episode One" at 0'53"
Bruce Almighty
First title drop at 41'27"
Petals for Armor
First title drop:
Song 1: "Simmer" at 3'30"
First title drop:
Season 1, episode 1: "Run" at 20'27"